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Tow like a pro - Driving tips when towing

Towing requires a greater degree of knowledge and skill than normal driving. The extra weight and length of the vehicles means it takes longer for you to stop, slow down, accelerate, reverse, overtake and turn.

Practice is the key to improvement and developing confidence and peace of mind,” says John Muir, Sales Manager at Duttons RAM. “Also, the advances in towing technology can help you stay in control on the road

Take it slow
All manoeuvres take longer when towing and require more concentration, so accept the fact and take it slow.

Use your gears
Leave a greater braking distance between you and the vehicle in front to allow for a longer stopping distance. Engage a lower gear in manual and automatic vehicles to slow you down and increase vehicle control while reducing reliance on your brakes.

Stay in control
If the trailer starts to sway, simply take your foot off the accelerator. DO NOT brake or speed up.

Overtake carefully
Allow more time and a greater distance in which to overtake. Overtaking other vehicles, particularly long trucks or caravans, must be done with extreme caution. Not only is your acceleration considerably reduced, but a greater distance must be covered before moving back into the left-hand lane.

Look ahead
Be more alert and read the road ahead, behind and around you. By observing the traffic around you it is often possible to avoid unnecessary braking.

Slow down as you approach a downhill stretch and, increase vehicle speed slightly when you see a hill coming up. Select a lower gear on both downhill and uphill sections.

Swing it wide
You will need to make wider turns to allow for your trailer that will turn sharper than your truck. Check your mirrors frequently while turning to be sure you clear any obstacles.

Take a break
It is important to remember to take frequent rest breaks; as towing is more stressful than regular driving and can lead to fatigue.

“With RAM trucks towing technology you can tow with confidence.” Explains John. “Two stand-out features are Trailer Sway Damping, which detects yaw and applies selective braking pressure on the tow vehicle’s opposite side to counteract and reduce the sway.

RAM Trucks also have a “tow/haul” mode as standard across the range which causes the transmission to run at a higher RPM before upshifting. When towing or hauling heavy loads through hills or rougher terrain, the tow haul mode keeps the truck from shifting too much, giving you more power and preventing wear on the transmission.”

Modern trucks are complex and have tons of intricate systems, parts, and modes that can be hard to keep up with. It is worth taking the time to explore the technology and safety features in your vehicle, so you can tow like a pro.

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